IBM Master Thesis fall 2017: Augmented Intelligence in MALMÖ, Sweden

Full title: Master Thesis Autumn 2017: How A.I (Augmented Intelligence) supports customer-experience in service sector.IBM Watson won over humans in Jeopardy 2011 (see YouTube clip: (start 11:43) by understanding the natural language (voice-to-text) and then derive accurate answers to complex questions. This was possible due to several components working together e.g. NPL (Natural Language Processing), HPC (High Performance Computing), ML (Machine Learning), QAT (Question Answering Technology) etc. Nowadays, this cognitive technology has been applied on multiple industries like health-care, transport, energy, customer-service etc. This A.I (Augmented Intelligence) domain is growing significantly every day.The new enhanced cognitive technology has been applied on Virtual Agents, which enriches the customer experience and enables faster solution times. The Virtual Agents have the capability to understand the conversation (voice-to-text) or plain text written by humans. The Virtual Agents are now becoming an important component of an organisations delivery systems e.g. self-service systems, booking systems, planning systems etc.Expectations:The focus for this master thesis will be Virtual Agents and IBM would like you to do the following:

  • Explore ideas and concepts together with IBM and potential clients with the focus on Virtual Agents. How this cognitive technology can be applied in delivering or enhancing the customer experience for a service within e.g. safety, health, transportation. Students will work through various milestones while being mentored by IBM, a potential client and other experts in the field. The report should consist of the following key considerations:

  • Develop a unique strategy to put IBM Watson to work in a customer engagement, with focus on the Virtual Agent.

  • Quantify the market opportunity

  • Create a value proposition

  • Recommend an implementation strategy

  • Develop a prototype of a Virtual Agent, with support from an IBM Watson expert. This prototype should illustrate how the Virtual Agent could support the client’s business requirements in customer-experience in any way. Here is an example:

  • Swedish fluency

  • English fluency

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